What’s nicer than putting a cozy scarf around your neck when the weather gets colder? Wearing a special scarf, which creates a cozy,comfortable feeling  by ist luxurary materials and at the same time drawing „all eyes on you“ with its extraordinary designs. If that is what you want, then the 17:35 has got it: The label presents unique doubleface cashmere and silk scarves in triangular shape. You can decide: Wear the comforting warm knit side on the skin and impress others with the shiny silk on the outside, or do you want to feel the smooth silk on the skin and wear it the other way around? Cashmere and silk are some of the most exclusive materials around the world. Cashmere goats from Inner Mongolia provide the delightfully soft natural product for our scarves. Just once a year the fur of these animals is carefully combed out by hand and the fine under-hairs are processed into soft yarn. Such knitted cashmere is characterized by good thermal insulation, the ability to repel moisture, tear resistance and low weight.

The silk of the 17:35 scarves comes from China. Since more than 5.000 years this country has been producing the fine shiny fabric which is harvested from the cocoons of the silk moth. The small caterpillars wrap the threads around themselves for about 100,000 times, which corresponds to a total length of up to three kilometers. For further processing, several of the thin threads are combined to a thicker thread, which gives the fabric more stability. It therefore has a fine shine, is robust and crease-resistant and has a temperature compensating effect on the skin.

Care Instructions

Special materials require attentive care. We recommend to wash the scarfs from the 17:35 as rarely as possible. Instead it often helps to hang them outside and “refresh” them in the air. If your scarf is dirty, do not wash it yourself, but have it cleaned professionally, so that the colours of the silk stay the way they are. Make sure that you never spray your parfume directly on the silk, because it can leave stains. By spraying perfume on your neck and letting it dry, the scarf might also start smelling in the same way. For storage please protect your scarf with moth paper or lavender scent, because the little insects love cashmere. If you decide not to wear it for a longer time, you could also store it in the airtight plastic bag it originally comes in. If you suspect moths in the scarf, then put it into the freezer for two to three days. Have fun with your scarf deluxe!