A big THANK YOU to everyone who has actively supported me in my scarf project.

the 17:35 scarves are manufactured by the JMB Fashion Team. This textile and clothing factory, which is already in its fourth generation, is based in Rohr an der Raab in southern part of Styria. Not only the human and ecologically sustainable production conditions are satisfying, but also the extraordinary expertise in processing. More information can be found at www.jmb-fashion.com.


The brilliant photos of this website were made by Jürgen Fechter. On the one hand, he arranged our models and scarves in front of several beautiful sceneries in Graz, on the other hand he captured perfect product images for the online shop in the studio with his camera. You can contact him at: www.juergenfechter.com.


Markus Dreier was responsible for the digital presentation of the 17:35. He has created an appealing website and shop with his creativity and expertise!


A big thank you goes to my friend Candace in Hong Kong – she took me to Guangzhou to select the silk. She was a great help not only with the communication,…


The commitment of our models Zana and Niklas was great. In midsummer they spent hours to professionally present the warm cashmere-silk scarves, resulting in beautiful photos.


Many thanks also to my friend Claudia, who helped me with important decisions.


As always, the most important person comes at the end: My husband Holger, who accompanied the project in all steps. Every development excited him, and he spent hours planning, calculating, and dreaming with me. Thanks!